Get the data you need, where you need it

Take the heavy lifting of utility data integration off your hands. With custom integration services from Direct Services, our Professional Services team will help you get your data flowing seamlessly into the application of your choice.


We Are Here To Help You

Unlock the value of utility data for your organization with Direct Service's Custom Integration Services.

Save time and resources

Let our team handle the heavy lifting of development, so yours can focus on core competencies. Save your development resources for the projects and priorities that matter to your business.

Lean on our expertise

With years of experience in data mapping specifically for utility data, our team provides unique domain expertise for you to leverage. We’ll help you ensure a smooth integration and implementation.

Get a tailored solution

Whether you’re working with an industry-standard application or building your own internal tools, we’ve seen it all. We’ll tailor our solution to fit your precise needs.

The Direct Services Utility Data Platform supports leading software applications

A world-class team dedicated to your success

Raw utility data can be difficult to format, analyze, and use. Take advantage of our Custom Integration Services to get the data you need, customized to your software environment and visualized in the format most useful to you. By leveraging our expert staff, your projects will benefit from decreased time to market, improved performance, and dependable quality.



Direct Service's Standard Delivery Options Do Not Work For My Software. What Are My Options ?

Direct Services standard delivery formats are designed for integration across many different types of software. If you find that these options do not include what you need, our team of engineers will work directly with you to build a format that suits your needs. Reach out today to discuss pricing.

Can Direct Service's Help Me Determine The Type OF Custom Integration That I Need ?

Yes, part of our service is helping you scope what type of custom integration you will need. Direct Service's experienced energy data professionals will walk you through a robust requirements gathering process to determine how our data can be customized to fit your needs.

How Does Development Work ?

After gathering all necessary requirements, our team will align on a plan and begin developing your integration. We will conduct tests and provide samples along the way to ensure we are adhering to your priorities.

What Will Direct Service's Need From My Team To Build A Custome Integration ?

A custom integration works best when both teams are aligned throughout the development process. Clearly defining your use case and specific data requirements is the best thing you can do to set the integration up for success. After your requirements are defined, our team will build out a comprehensive testing process to ensure that the data meets your needs.

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