Drive Revolution and accuracy through Direct Services Utility Bill Data

The Direct Services Utility Data Platform connects to a global network of over 9,000 utility providers to deliver utility bill data directly into the application of your choosing. Whether you need historical or ongoing data, scheduled delivery or on-demand access, our platform is built to work for you.

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The world's prime source of utility data

Direct Service's cloud-based, intelligent technology automatically aggregates the utility bill data you need from a growing network of more than 9,000 utility providers.

Comminuted insights

The Direct Services Utility Data Platform delivers every data point on the bill, along with the original bill image.

Elastic Approach

Get utility bill data on demand or on a set delivery schedule that makes sense for you. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got you covered.

Dynamic Automation

Gone are the days of chasing down invoices or manually keying in data. Let our machine learning technology take the heavy lifting off your hands.

Reliable and Proficient

Our cloud-based platform grows with your business, upholding the highest standards of data security and encryption.

Going with utility data is not difficult

We work to simplify the complexity of data collection, so you can get up and running quickly with the utility bill data you need.

Join Direct Services On Utility Data Platform

With a range of options, including RESTful APIs, CSV, and SQL, we make it easy to integrate utility data into your business solutions. If you need a custom integration, our team will take on the heavy lifting so yours can focus on core priorities.

Link your utility accounts

In a few simple steps, you can link your online utility accounts directly to the Direct Services Utility Data Platform using our RESTful APIs, the Direct Services Console, or pre-built web forms available in the Direct Service Connect UI toolkit. Don’t have online access set up for your utility accounts? No problem. Our professional services team is here to help.

Utilize your data

You’ll be up and running quickly with easy-to-use historical and ongoing utility bill data. Join the growing list of industry-leading companies that are driving innovation and efficiency with best-in-class utility data from Direct Services.

The utility bill data at your fingertips

Connect to over 9,000 electric, natural gas, water, waste, telecom, and cable providers worldwide with one platform.


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Unlock the power of utility bill data

Alternative Credit Scoring

Drive faster, more accurate lending decisions and reduce decline traffic with on-demand access to utility bill payment history.

AP Automation

Automate your utility and telecom invoice capture and accelerate processing with a direct connection to suppliers.

Energy Management

Conduct granular energy analysis in less time and with more detail to drive energy efficiency and savings.

Energy Procurement

Make faster, more reliable energy procurement decisions with enhanced visibility into historical consumption and cost.

Identity Verification

Access third-party verified, user-permissioned utility bill data to rapidly validate identity and address.

Solar Sales

Accelerate solar sales and create trusted proposals with automated access to electric cost and consumption data.

Sustainability Reporting

Propel your sustainability programs to success with accurate metrics and data-driven reporting.

Utility Bill Management

Streamline utility bill processing with automated bill delivery to avoid late fees and reduce billing errors.

F.A.Qs about Direct Services

What is Direct Services Utility Bill Data ?

Direct Services Utility Bill Data is a data-as-a-service solution that provides automated electronic access to utility bill images and detailed data directly from the utility’s customer portal.  

What type of data is availabe from Direct Services Utility Bill Data ?

Available data is pulled directly from utility bills made available by the utility provider. Data includes: customer name and address, consumption, usage, cost, tariffs and rates, fees, and more.

How can utility bill data benefit my organization ?

Direct Services Utility Bill Data provides automated, electronic data to power energy procurement and management, sustainability reporting, solar sales proposal generation, alternative credit scoring, identity verification, and more. Read more about the solutions we enable. Have a new use case that needs Utility Bill Data? Let us know!

Which utilities does Direct Services provide Utility Bill Data for ?

Direct Services provides utility bill data for electricity, natural gas, water, waste and sewer, recycling, cable, and telecom providers. Click here to see all of our supported utilities.

How many utilities does Direct Services have in its network ?

Direct Services is connected to more than 9,000 utilities across 52 countries. We are continually adding new supported connections. Click here to search our list of providers.

How Does Direct Services get Utility Bill Data ?

Once an end user links their utility account to the Direct Services Utility Data Platform, our technology is able to programmatically access detailed utility bill data and PDF copies of bills directly from the utility’s customer portal.

My bussiness services consumers - how can i take advantage of Direct Services Utility Bill Data ?

Direct Services makes it easy to incorporate consumer-permissioned utility bill data into your business-to-consumer (B2C) offering. Use either our pre-built UI toolkit or our robust API to integrate into your user experience and allow consumers to securely link their utility account information and provide permissioned access to historical utility bills and billing data.

In which format can I receive my utility bill data ?

Direct Services offers several options for receiving your data, including SQL and CSV, through the Direct Services API, or by download from the Direct Services console

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