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Direct services provides a comprehensive list of billing promotions and services.
Our integrated products and services go beyond the mere customer engagement. We strengthen security over transmission of data and provide a deep analysis to an organization’s operations.


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Direct services provides a complete and comprehensive list of billing promotions and services.


Discover A New Approach

Direct Services, an expert billing company provides comprehensive and high-tech Billing services to customers and individual providers throughout the United States.


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Not sure which solution you want? Our experts analyze your business and audience to find the perfect solution for you. Get your free consultation today!

Committed to Deliver Quality service and Cost-Effective Solutions

Direct Services offers a comprehensive suite of cloud-based Management systems in supporting thousands of billing providers  in delivering enhanced solutions to the millions of customers. With a high class satisfaction rate, Direct Services goes above and beyond to deliver quality customer experience with its cloud-based software solutions to small, independent medical practices. Direct Services offers services to make Billing solutions better for everyone.

These practices employ the Direct Services platform to accomplish optimal care tasks and improve billing outcomes, reduce operational costs, and improve the patient experience.

Why Direct Services?

Direct Service comprises a team of certified and enthusiastic professionals in the billing industry, billing services, and business consulting. Our leadership team has served several individual, enthusiastic practices to all billing services.


A respected name in the billing industry with skilled resources to decreased denials and improve cash flow.

We ensure complete accuracy and quality that have made us capable of growing hundreds of successful partnerships with billing and promotions facilities company.

Our Professional team is available 24/7 to provide technical assistance as well as their expertise to improve cash flow and staff efficiency.

Serving Billing Services

We don’t believe in third-party outsourcing as our own team of trained professionals have been providing their expertise to assist various Billing organizations, practices and individual practitioners throughout the United States.

Committed to Deliver Quality Work

With a high class satisfaction rate, Direct Service goes above and beyond to deliver quality customer experience with smart services. Direct Services offers facility to make direct services better for everyone.

Focused on Your Services Growth

Let our team take on the tedious office work, so your staff can provide quality care to patients. And experience improved productivity, cash flow and reduced denials with our all-in-one billing services.

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